100% results can be achieved if subject teachers are present in government schools says BTF

RSD_BTF demand transfers and teacher recruitment

RSD- Sircilla news: On 03.01.2023 at 6.00 pm a meeting of Bahujana Upadhyay Sangam chief workers was organized under the leadership of District President Kummari Mallesham. State President Kommu Ramesh was present as the chief guest and addressed the meeting. In any case, justice should be given to all the victims of 317 G.O faced by the teachers. Similarly, all the transfers that have been stopped should be completed during this summer vacation. The officials of the district department expressed their concern that they are failing to meet the shortage of subject teachers in the school. He criticized that it is ironic that the superiors put pressure on the principals to get 100% result without the recruiting of subject teachers and said that the superiors should think how to get 100% result without subject teachers. Many teachers joined BTF with the intention of joining Bahujana Upadhyaya Sangam and many teachers took new membership under the leadership of the state president Komma Ramesh. In this, Palle Ramesh Kunta Viswanatham, Nyatari Ramesh and others joined BTF. Kunta Viswanatham district councilor Palle Ramesh Nathari Ramesh was appointed as the vice-president. Many teachers expressed their anger on their inclusion. On this occasion, the district president Kummari Mallesham said that the Bahujan Upadhyay Sangam works in terms of theory. He congratulated the newly joined teachers and conveyed the invitation with welcome words saying that they are very self-satisfied.