ABVP leaders besieged the DEO office

RSD_ ABVP leaders besieged DEO office demanding to resign DEO

RSD- Sircilla news: ABVP State Hostels Convenor Maraveni Ranjith Kumar and District Convenor Akkem Nagarajulu spoke that ABVP leaders demand suspension of DEO. The students studying under the trees in the district are facing the plight of not having the minimum basic facilities or the difficulties of not being able to wear clothes and sweepers or the teachers are cooking. The poor quality of hostels, poor food, minimum facilities and poor rent conditions, the student’s problems need to be resolved immediately. Lack of teachers in favour of the number of students, in some schools there are no teachers for some subjects High Fees are not visible to the Education Department officials who are selling books at high rates. Allegations of taking money from private schools. They asked why they don’t pay attention to the fact that they are selling books and uniforms in a private school and why they can’t seize the private school. Private schools do not have fire safety.  When brought to DEO’s attention, DEO doesn’t care. Why is the government not paying attention to schools?

They said that MEO himself said that money is being taken from private schools. 13 mandals have two MEO’s. It has been alleged that the education officials colluded with private schools to reduce the number of students in government schools. The education department officials are acting as guardians of the private school. If action is not taken, we will initiate a death march in the district education department office. They said that they are making phone calls to the district education officer with the representatives of the Congress for the unauthorized private school. In Rajannasircilla district, corporate private schools are selling textbooks, uniforms and other materials to students at a high price against government regulations. First class textbooks worth around Rs.1,000 are being sold at Rs.6 to Rs.8,000. If you look at it this way, making the education system a business, Lakhs of rupees are being collected from parents of students. ABVP State Hostels Convenor Maraveni Ranjith Kumar, District Convener Akkem Nagaraju, ABVP Law Forum Vibhag Convener Samanapalli Prashanth, State Working Committee Members Loppeli Raju and Goodla Tirupati. Social Media Co Convenor Pendyala Shiva, Vikas, Pani Kishore, Koppula Naveen, Ennagandulu Srinivas, Boora Venkatesh, Karthik, Amarnath, Dhanush, Manoj, Sunil and others were present.