Broken promise of free power to SC, ST by KCR –Illanthakunta

In the state of Telangana, Chief Minister KCR broke his promise to give free electricity up to 101 units to the houses of SC and ST on 25-08-2018 but was not done till now. They believed KCR and did not pay their electricity bills, now they are not be able to compete in the CESS elections, at least they will be deprived of the right to vote. KCR’s promise has not been fulfilled even after 51 months, at least the current bills of SC and ST houses should be waived in Rajannasircilla district and give them the right to vote in the CESS elections and provide free electricity even from 11.11.2022, then BJP candidate B.Tirupathi Reddy will not contest as the CESS director of Illanthakunta mandal as the welfare of scheduled castes is more important BJP party. The BJP leaders in this strike were Bollaram Prasanna, Gajjala Srinivas and Dandaveni. Rajinikanth, Bandari. Raja, Yeluka Ramaswamy, Mamidi. Harish, Vajjapelli. Srikanth, Soodula, Kishan, Dacharam, Tirupati, Sudagoni. Srikanth, Payyavula.Naveen, Antti. Venu, Bongoni. Srinivas, Punni. Prashant, Potla.Venkatesh, Kesaveni. Bhumesh, Narsaiah and Ram were involved.