Campaign for defeating the KCR government in the next elections

RSD –Telangana news: Gidde Rajesh, State President of Bharatiya Vaikal Raksha Perakrakshana Samithi, said that the state government should build a double bedroom house for all the poor disabled people who do not have a house and get support pension. Otherwise, they will campaign in the next elections with the aim of defeating the KCR government. Addressing the program, Rajesh said that the condition of disabled people in Telangana state has become miserable, at least there is no house to stay or many disabled people are living a rough life by building huts along the roads. In the state of Telangana, which has fought for the lack of effective implementation of records, it is sad that the backlog jobs of the disabled are not being filled. Keeping in view the increased prices of essential commodities, the government of Chief Minister KCR has increased the pension of the disabled to 10,000. The state president Gidde Rajesh clarified that the aim of their movement is to topple the KCR government in the elections. In this program, the president of the district working committee of the association, Janjirala Sudhakar mandal president Pidamarthi Saidulu, women leader Thuraka Nagamma Bollam Lingaiah and others participated in the program.