Rajanna Sircilla district,Tangalapalli village, ancient  Narasimha swamy gutta (small cave) has been found to have traces of early man living. In that Narasimha swamy gutta , Laxmi narasimha swamy temple is there which will be worshiped by the local villagers and till now priests are not doing there any pujas. At the back side of temple cave, early man of stone age traces and evidences of once living were found. In RSD, Moolavagu, Nakkavaagu and Maneruvaagu are the places where early man used to live once in their age. In Sircilla town near Maneru banks Shanthinagar is situated which has also been found to be once lived by early man as evident by many tools and hunting equipment made of stones . In Konaravupet mandal, Vattimalla village, Myisamma stone caves, early man once lived traces has been found in the form of many pictures and drawings drawn inside the caves. Musthabad mandal Gannivaripalle, Myisamma caves also have some pictures carved in them by early man which is near Nakkavagu region. It is supposed that these early man has lived here from about 1,50000 to 50,000 years B.C ago. In these caves, naturally formed structures are there where nearly hundred people can live. We can clearly observe, the place where Nakkavagu merging into Maneru vagu, Sircilla town, Textile park and till Bodhgal from the top of the cave.

In Laxminarasimha swamy temple, every year Jathara will be conducted and people from in and around the village will attend it. The temple can also be reached from Sircilla, Ellareddypet mandal, Venkatpuram via Turkapally or from Tangellapalli mandal, Mandepalli village, Raalapeta also. It can also be reached from Musthabad mandal, the villagers has paved a way which can be used by people upto the cave.

If this place can be turned into a tourism spot, apart from economy, we can preserve the valuable history too. This is the story of Gandilachapeta Narasimha swamy temple and caves.

Mysterious Shiva Temple in Maneru at Rajanna Sircilla

Rajanna Sircilla is a place where many  ancient temples are located. As per Puranas Maandavya river a tributary of Godavari which flows and merges into Godavari at a place called Manthaeni. Rajanna Sircilla district, Gambhiravpet mandal, Narmala  village has Maneru river in which many temples used to be there.

Kudumunja Ramappa Ramalingeswara temple present in Maneru is believed to be of 9th century B.C. which was under the rule of 2nd Arikesari of Chalukya dynasty making Vemulawada as the centre and continued to be in history till Kakatiya ruling. This temple has many group of temples around it as per the reminants found.

In 9th century B.C. under the rule of 2nd Arikesari of Chalukya dynasty making Vemulawada as the centre, this temple was built. It is also found that this temple is having a secret underground passage which was also destroyed during exploitation of treasure.

But some stone carvings of Dwarapalaka, God Vinayaka and Nandi can be found as evidence till now. And some letters related to 9th century script can also be found carved on stone. Infront of the cave, on a stone, carved feet and snake with some script can be found. The script was said to be of 9th century as per the historians.

It is said that the 2nd Arikesari, from Vemulawada Bheemeswara temple to Nampally and from there to Ramappa temple used to go from an underground tunnel for bathing and then perform puja at Ramappa Shivalayam.

The construction of Ramalingeswara temple was perfectly planned so that the Manneru river water is not going into the temple but it just surrounds the temple and flows away an architectural marvel of 12th century B.C. Kakatiyas evident by the stone steps that are present around the temple.

Another temple called Nayakamma temple is situated on the other banks of Maneru river which is completely damaged.This tells that after the Kakatiya rule of Rani Rudramma Devi many  powerful female rulers have ruled this place.

Still many more mysterious has to be revealed yet.