Cyber crime can be prevented only by awareness- District SP

RSD- District news: The District SP said that cyber crimes can be curbed only by vigilance, thinking and awareness of the people. Do not fall into the trap of cyber criminals with the hope of making more money in a short time, and people should not be deceived by suspicious messages, links and links on social media. District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS suggested that people should immediately call toll free numbers 1930 and dial 100 to be vigilant against cyber crimes.
Some cyber crimes committed in Rajannasircilla district during this week

●The victim believed that he can earn easy money by giving online part-time job google maps reviews on WhatsApp from an unknown number in the area of Rudrangi Police Station. Later, he was made believe that he could earn a huge amount by trading in Bitcoin, so the victim believed it and was cheated of Rs 1,56,000/-.
●Victim received a link via text message saying ICICI Credit Card Reward Points will expire tomorrow within Vemulawada Town Police Station area, read immediately. The victim opened the link and entered his ICICI credit card details and OTP. Thus he lost Rs.2,16,000/-.
●The unemployed victim in Ellareddypet police station area uploaded his resume on Shine and for a job and got a call from as an executive a few days later. Rs.25/- was asked to pay through a link to attend the interview. The victim lost Rs. 20,000/- by giving his credit card details on that link.
●The victim received a call from an unknown number in the area of Ellareddypet Police Station saying that his personal loan executive believed that you have a loan approval of 10 lakhs.
●The victim received a call from a number in Ellareddypet police station. The fraudster introduced himself as Indian Bulls Personal Loan Executive and made him believe that the victim had a loan approval of two lakh rupees. In order to get the loan sanctioned, the amount was transferred in stages in the form of processing approval and tax, resulting in a loss of Rs 40,000/- to the victim.
Precautions to be taken:
• Have you received a call or a message saying that you have got a lottery or loan? Immediately call 1930 and complain.
• Do not pick up video calls from strangers, if you do, they will be naked, record your video call, threaten you and extort money.
• Don’t believe social media ads like WhatsApp and Telegram that claim investment of thousands and profits of lakhs.
• When depositing less money they give profit and when they deposit more amount they cheat by not giving money. Call 1930 immediately if you fall victim to such cyber fraud.
• Realize that they are cyber fraudsters who message you and ask you for a job