Dargha in Vemulawada Rajanna temple closed due to disputes

RSD- Vemulawada news: A dispute broke out between the two groups in the dargah in the premises of Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy temple. For some time now, two sects have been competing to worship in the Dargah. They are expressing anger that we are maintaining the dargah from the front and some people are fighting to give the dargah powers in the middle. One group claims that they have rights over the Dargah since time immemorial, while the other group claims that they have rights from the time of their grandfathers. But today that little fight has become big. The two factions clashed at the Dargah. A fight in the dargah at the Rajanna temple caused severe disruption to the devotees. For a while no one understood that what was happening. All those who come to the Dargah and the temple are shocked. They wondered what the fuss was about to maintain the Dargah. Devotees panicked as a scuffle broke out over the Dargah. Immediately informed the police.

Alarmed, the police came near the dargah at the Rajanna temple. Attempts to pacify both factions were unsuccessful. There was a slight tension there. With this, the police took a decision to pacify both sides. It has been decided that both groups should not enter the dargah until a decision is made as to who will worship in the dargah so that there is no quarrel. Both groups were sent out and the Dargah was locked. The problem was settled when the police ordered both the groups to come with proper proofs and documents who have rights to the dargah and locked the dargah and sent them out. The devotees held their breath. However, some other Muslim religious leaders are expressing their anger. They are indignant that the dargah should be locked without performing pujas. And we have to wait and see what decision the authorities and the two factions that led to the conflict will take on this.