For the treatment of male infertility

Kapikacchu( Mucuna pruriens) seeds,80 grams
Black gram, Kharjura ( fruits ) ,80 grams
Satavari (Asparagus racemosa) ,80 grams
Srngataka (water chestnut) ,80 grams
Mridwika (Vitis vinifera)80 grams
Milk640 ML
Vamsalochana (Tabashir or Bamboo manna)           80 grams
Fresh Ghee80 grams
Sugar  80 grams

Preparation method:

By taking  80 grams of  each Kapikacchu( Mucuna pruriens), Black gram, Kharjura ( fruits ), Satavari (Asparagus racemosa), Srngataka (water chestnut), Mridwika (Vitis vinifera) should be boiled in milk and water each 640 mL untill 640 mL remains.

This solution should be filtered using a clean cloth and sugar, Vamsalochana (Tabashir or Bamboo manna) and fresh ghee each of 80  grams should be added to it.

Finally it should be mixed with honey and taken regularly. While using this treatment one should be on strict diet of Sastika (Njavara) rice.


By taking this regularly even weak individuals can gain strength and get rid of infertility problems resulting in having a large number of progeny as mentioned by ancient Indian sages.