Injustice to SGTs due to internal rationalization

RSD- Sircilla news: TSUTF Rajannasircilla District Branch strongly condemns the unannounced rationalization by blocking thousands of posts for transfers of Secondary Grade Teachers (SGTs) equivalent category teachers. Without taking a procedural decision on rationalization, the education department has blocked additional posts based on the number of students, but is not allocating additional posts to the needy schools. The rationalization that is not in the schedule of transfers and promotions is inserted in the middle and implemented only in primary and secondary schools, which is confusing.

It is not reasonable to see court cases as bogus and to end it in a hurry by giving the option deadline to thousands of SGTs in one day. The teachers are questioning the benefits of the transfers without correcting the mistakes in the seniority lists and without showing the vacancies in full. The inefficiency of the education department, incoherent policies have caused the process of transfers and promotions to drag on for a year and a half. That led to unrest and disunity among the teachers. Due to the disorganized policies of the rulers, school education in the state has been on the verge of collapse for a decade. If the same policies are continued, the government schools will disappear completely.

Promotions for nine years, transfers for six years or in the context of crisis in the education sector, with the intention of cooperating to successfully manage the hard fought schedule, we are correcting even the smallest mistakes, but the unannounced rationalization along with software errors and server problems makes a mockery of the transfer process. When hundreds of colleges and tens of courses of engineering and medicine counselling can be conducted effectively online for lakhs of students, we are questioning why web counselling cannot be conducted properly for only a few thousand teachers. Rajannasircilla district branch of Telangana State United Teachers Federation (TSUTF) is demanding that the process be postponed for two days and all the problems should be resolved positively, mistakes should be corrected and web counselling should be conducted in a transparent manner.

Web options process didn’t start till 12 pm on 29.06.2024, web options process should be completed till 30.06.2024 night, there are software problems, if some people save after setting options, options are not showing again, all are deleted. Even though the leaders of TSUTF has represented to the education authorities, there is no response. In the district, almost 580 SGTs have applied for transfers, it is very difficult to fill 580 options in just 24 hours, even in the past, they have asked us to give slab-wise opportunity, anticipating these difficulties. We have represented the officials of the education department but they did not pay attention. Shankar Goud and Mahender Rao, the district president and principal secretaries on behalf of the district department, are demanding justice for the SGTs.