Look who comes for my head.. Udayanidhi Stalin is serious

RSD- Tamil Nadu news: Tamil Nadu Minister Udayanidhi Stalin’s controversial comments on Sanatana Dharma are causing outrage across the country. BJP leaders, Hindutvas and Swamijis are reacting strongly to this.
Recently, a saint named Paramahamsa Acharya from Ayodhya made a sensational statement that he would give Rs. 10 crores if Udayanidhi Stalin’s head was cut off. While making that announcement, the saint was seen stabbing Stalin’s photo with a knife. Based on this, one can understand how much scandal Stalin’s comments caused.

Recently, Stalin responded to Sadhu’s statement. Swamiji got angry on this occasion. It was announced that it would be Rs. 10 crores if my head is brought. He reminded that in the past also Rs. 10 crore was announced against Karunanidhi. He said that Karunanidhi was not afraid of anyone that day.Today I am also not going to be afraid of anyone. He said how Swamiji got Rs.10 crores. He questioned how Swamiji earned so much money. Are they really spiritual Swamiji.. or thief Swamiji? They were angry. They demanded to account for their illegally earned money. He challenged that DMK will fight till the end against the rules of Sanatana Dharma.