My Vemulawada Charitable Trust collected 15 thousand rupees for child’s treatment

RSD- Vemulawada news: Gautham Pawan Kumar, Supriya from Karimnagar, their baby is suffering from illness, he went to the hospital and was shown to have a liver problem and the doctors told him that he would have to undergo a liver transplant, which would cost lakhs. When it was posted in the media and WhatsApp groups, the donors responded with a kind attitude and donated around 15 thousand rupees. The baby and their parents were in Hyderabad Hospital and they were unable to come, so they were handed over a check of Rs. 15,000 on 20.11.2023. Also, if any donors come forward and give your donation to the trust account no.89855 88060, the trust administrators have informed that  for the health of the children, money gathered by the trust will be given to their family members.

Trust members Madhu Mahesh, Gongalla Ravikumar, Dr. Bejjanki Ravinder, Challa Sattaiah, Polasa Rajender, Pratapa Nataraju, Polasa Rajender, Patha Santhosh, Veeragoni Anjaneyu and others participated.