Now you don’t have to give your phone number while paying the bill.

RSD- India news: When paying a bill in a shop, asking for a mobile number and then completing the bill process is seen everywhere. There is no possibility of such a situation anymore. To know why, read this article.

When going to any mall and paying the bill, the mall staff will ask for the customer’s mobile number. The situation is the same even if you go to the Super Market. Customers don’t even have a doubt that they need a mobile number to buy any goods and pay the bill. They tell the mobile number, pay the bill and leave. Not only in malls and supermarkets, but also outside them, there are people who know people’s phone numbers and other details in the name of lucky draw. If your contact details go into their hands, it can lead to fraud. As the incidents of frauds through phone calls and messages are increasing, the Central Consumer Affairs Department has taken a key decision to provide more security to the privacy of customers. Customers no longer need to provide their phone number while generating a bill at retail shops, it said. An advisory has been issued to the retailers.

Union Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said that phone numbers should not be collected from customers in shops or outside. Some shops say that they cannot complete the bill process until personal details are provided. This falls under the unfair and restrictive trade practice under the Consumer Protection Act. He said there is no rationale behind collecting phone numbers and other information.

Rohit Kumar Singh said there are also concerns about customer privacy. According to the Consumer Protection Act, customers’ details should not be collected, and for the benefit of consumers, an advisory has been issued to the retail industry, industry chambers, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Singh added that it is not necessary in India to provide phone numbers to retailers to make a delivery or generate a bill. However, if retailers ask for mobile numbers to complete a transaction, customers will be put in an awkward situation, he said.

So customers should keep few things in mind. You don’t need to give your phone number when you buy something and pay the bill in a supermarket, mall or other shopping center. Remind the staff of the rules if they insist on giving their phone number.