NQAS certificate must be obtained by PHC – District collector

District Collector Anurag Jayanthi said that efforts should be made to ensure that Konaraopet, Kodurupaka, Siricilla town, Sundarayya Nagar health centers in the district should get NQAS (National Quality Assurance Standard) certificate. On 03.11.2022, the District Collector visited Boinipally Mandal Kodurupaka Primary Health Center and discussed with the Medical Department officials the steps to be taken for the identification of NQAS. Field work, civil work and record work in relation to primary health centers should be completed within a week. The training for the staff of primary health centers should be completed and the application process should be completed by the end of November. He said that if the primary health center gets the recognition of NQAS, along with the certificate, financial support of three lakhs per year will be received from the government for three years. The district collector said that the primary health center should provide better medical services to the patients. In the meeting, District Medical Officer DR. Suman Mohan Rao, NQAS Master Trainer DR. Tirupati and others participated.