In Sircilla town, the construction of New Dobhighat at Venkampet road by government with 1crore 5lakhs of public money is totally  a waste as it is exclusively constructed in area where once ponds were there. People are questioning that how the town planning commission  has agreed to construct in such an area. Due to recent heavy rains, the entire Venkampet area is under water as there is no way for the rainwater to flow away due to obstruction of this Dobhighat construction. And due to this rain the newly constructed Dobhighat building also got cracks.

People are also questioning that how public funds are used irresponsibly and without any proper planning. This shows the pure negligence of the officers who gave permission for the construction and the land  approval for it making people’s lives at risk . People are still surprised that how such a thing can happen in Honorable minister KTR’s constitution.

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