Rare Rock Arts Of Misamma Loddhi- Rajannasircilla district

Darmaram Misamma Loddhi , rare stone arts were found.

Rajannasircilla district Pothireddypally outskirts has Sithari mounds/hillock in which 1500 years old drawn  pictures were found.

From Sircilla to Dharmaram, and from there to Malakpet to Pothireddypally via Ellareddypet mandal on road the journey can be started. After travelling for 4 KM, on left side somewhere afar can be seen Misamma Loddhi hillocks and from there on foot journey has to be continued.

After some time walking on foot a naturally formed pond can be seen. From there journey has to be continued towards the open lands. And after about one KM walk various shaped rocky hillocks, straight stood trees shown with autumn fall can be seen. Then after continuing to walk in between large rocks then finally the destination of misamma hillock can be reached . The drawings on Padige stone which is of 10 feet width, and the drawings are in red color which were shaped in same size can be seen there. By observing the drawing patterns it is estimated to be of 1500 years old drawings.

Generally in Telangana region, Mallanna, Ellamma towns used to be found as drawings as a custom and Ayyinavolu Mallanna, Komeravelli Mallanna were also drawn as a custom which are famous. Still more needs to be explored in this nature.

—-Alle Ramesh