S.P. Rahul Hegde at Prajadiwas program

On 25th October 2021 Monday, from 11:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M, Prajadiwas program was conducted in district police office and in this regard, S.P.Rahul Hegde has received 12 complaints from people, S.P. said that we have conducted this Prajadiwas to provide justice for the people. S.P. Rahul has promised that the complaints will not be kept in pending and speaking with the people who complained he said that problems will be solved as he directed these complaints to SHO.

He also suggested that civil cases has to be solved in civil courts only like land registrations. Threats to civilians if reported punishment will be sever .S.P. also advised people to report such cases directly to district police office. No officer will be spared if involved into civil cases and people suffering is observed.