Teachers are the beacons of knowledge

RSD_ Teachers are beacons of Knowledge

RSD- Sircilla news: NAFSCOB Chairman Mr. Konduri Ravinder Rao, Municipal Chairman, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani and Councilor Kalluri Raju were the guests of honor in the farewell and welcome ceremony organized for the teachers at Zilla Parishad Government High School Venkampeta on 08.07.2024. Speaking on this occasion, they said that Guru is equal to God and good society will take shape in their hands. Transfers are common for any employee in their working life, teachers are absorbed in their duties by imparting invaluable education to the students from the moment they take up their duties wherever they are transferred.

They said that the teachers who are going on transfer, who have rendered invaluable services in this Venkampeta Zilla Parishad High School and who have worked hard to achieve 10 GPA marks in the results of class 10 last year, will provide their education at a better level wherever they go and make those schools into ideal schools and make the students into beacons of knowledge. Similarly, as part of the transfers undertaken by the state government, the teachers who have been transferred to this school are requested to work hard to achieve better results than last year’s results in the coming tenth class annual exams by imparting education through good skillful teaching methods in order to increase the creativity among the students.During the previous state government, the first Chief Minister of Telangana state Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao, by providing better education through the Mana Uru Manabadi program, provided basic facilities in the school and provided nutritious food to the students through breakfast and mid-day meal schemes. Enumula Revanth Reddy said that we want to move forward with the aim of providing quality education to the students by giving high priority to the development of the government education sector.

In addition, for some time now in the Venkampet Zilla Parishad High School, in order to prepare for the annual examinations, the tenth class students have been provided nutrition breakfast through the Gorumudda program during their study hours and given incentives to those who have shown the best performance in the examinations. Similarly, the Councilor members Kalluri Raju said that they have given silver medal to six students who scored 9.7 to 9.9 grades and are working hard to make them study with more enthusiasm by creating a good competitive environment among the students. On this occasion, Kalluri Raju said that it is a great thing to announce that students who have achieved 10 GPA in the next tenth class results will be honored by giving tabs and prizes to the teachers who have worked hard for it. Similarly, the team of school teachers congratulated NAFSCOB Chairman Konduri Ravinder and Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Corporation, who are working for the development of the school by providing their support. After that, remembering the services of the teachers who are going to other schools on transfer, they were honored and welcomed the new teachers who came on transfer to this school as part of the same order. KDCC Karimnagar Bank Director Veerabattini Kamalakar, MEO Raghupathi, District Science Officer Devayya, teaching team and students participated in this program.