Tributes to Prime Minister of India – Mandal BJP candidates Illanthakunta

RSD_Tributes to PM of India

Bendram offered milk abhisheka to the portrait of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi who opened the Urea Fertilizer Factory in Ramagundam and started development works of 10 thousand crore rupees in the state. Tirupati Reddy mandal BJP president speaking in this regard said that, BJP central government started 5 fertilizer factories in the country, in our state of Telangana Urea fertilizer factory in Ramgundam with 6300 crore rupees and opened it and dedicated it to the nation. He said that they have provided Rs.2500 per DAP bag and Rs.1475 per bag of urea. The BJP central government has spent Rs.2.5 lakh crores on farmers this year. Our Modi has spent thousands of crores of rupees on national highways, he said that he is offering milk abhisheka on behalf of the people of Illanthakunta mandal and expressing his heartfelt gratitude. Lakshmareddy, Bandari. Raju, Vajjapellu. Srikanth, Tipparapu. Shravan, Chukka. Ramesh, Sudagoni.Raju, Welding. Chandram, Thallapelli. Anjaneyulu, Taduri. Anil, Balayya, Rajyayya, Naresh and others participated.