Who is the new boss of Telangana PCC?

RSD_ Who is TPCC president after Revanth Reddy

RSD-Hyderabad news: Revanth Reddy’s tenure as president of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee ends on July 7th 2024. As the PCC chief has assumed the post of Chief Minister, now another senior leader has to be appointed to that post. As the time to announce the TPCC boss is approaching, the party’s hopefuls have already settled in Delhi. The Congress central leadership is seeking the views of the key leaders of the state on this matter.In the process of selecting the TPCC chief, the Congress leadership will work for the selection of Deepadas Munshi for the post of PCC president. CM Revanth Reddy also asked the national leadership to appoint a new person for the post of TPCC president. The party leadership has started the exercise in this direction. Social mobilizations will also become crucial in the selection of PCC president. Key leaders of the state have been in Delhi for a week. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has also been in custody for four or five days. Deputy CM Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, former PCC President N. Uttam Kumar Reddy also went to Delhi. Party state affairs in-charge Deepadas Munshi is seeking the views of the leaders for the selection of PCC president.

Leaders hoping for the post of Telangana PCC chief are trying to please the leaders. The post of chief minister went to the Reddy community. The post of Deputy CM was allotted to the Dalit community. The party leaders from that social group want to allocate the post of PCC president to the BCs who constitute more than 50 percent of the state’s population. The leaders of that party remind that while the post of chief minister was allotted to the Reddy community in the united state of Andhra Pradesh, the PCC president’s post was allotted to the BC community. BC MLC Mahesh Kumar Goud and former MP Madhu Yashki Goud are leading the race for the post from BC community. Since he did not get the MLA ticket, the party leadership gave him the post of MLC. Madhu Yashki contested from LB Nagar assembly seat but did not win. Yashki, who has good relations with Rahul Gandhi, is also in the PCC chief race. The name of former MP Anjan Kumar Yadav from the BC community is also being considered by the board.