World T.B eradication day program- Rajannasircilla district

On 24.03.2022, in regarding to World Tuberculosis eradication Day, Rajannasircilla District medical and health department officer, District Tuberculosis eradication program officer DR.Rajith Deputy D.H.O and District Government hospital superintendent DR. Muralidhar has conducted a rally from government hospital to Gandhi chowk at Sircilla. In this regard DR.A.Suman Mohan Rao, District medical and health department officer said that more than two weeks cough, blood in sputum, fever, weight loss, diabetic and low immunity and also other long run diseases having people are more susceptible to get affected with T.B. People who are suffering with T.B symptoms have to go for check-up and also get tested at government hospital. If found positive  then at Society Health Centre they can get 6 months free medicines and tests, and for those patients to have nutritious food every month Rs.500/- will be credited in their bank account during treatment. So those who are suffering from T.B should get checked up and get free treatment as mentioned above.