20 students fell sick after eating contaminated food in KGBV

RSD-Nirmal District news:  20 students of KGBVP school of Narsapur mandal in Nirmal district fell ill after eating lunch.20 people were cured after lunch of KGVB school went wrong on 03.04.2024 afternoon. Since four students did not recover till evening, they were shifted to Nirmal Government Hospital for treatment.District education officials rushed to the government hospital and the parents of the school rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, the sick students are being taken to their residences by their parents. According to the details of many students’ parents. 20 female students of KGBV school in Narsapur mandal center of Nirmal district fell ill after having midday meal, the sixth standard students of the school attended classes as usual after having lunch. In the evening, 15 students were taken to Government Hospital in Narsapur  Mandal center and five others were taken to Nirmal District Hospital for treatment as they fell ill due to vomiting and diarrhoea. The parents of the students who came to know about the illness of the students expressed their anger as to why they were not informed about the illness. The doctor of the hospital said that the students who ate lunch in Narsapur mandal center were taken to the hospital and the health of the students was stable