500 crores fraud in the name of Dhanwantari Foundation

RSD_ 500 crores fraud in the name of Dhanwantri Foundation

RSD-Hyderabad news: A huge fraud in the name of Dhanwantari Foundation has come to light. They advertised that if you invest in this foundation, you will get high interest and they cheated by taking large amount of money. The chairman of this organization, Kamalakar Sharma, collected hundreds of crores of rupees from the victims. He cheated those who had made investments that they would give them plots. The victims who found out the fraud approached the police. The police identified around four thousand victims. He collected more than Rs.500 crores in the name of the foundation. Realizing that they were cheated by Kamalakar, the victims approached the CCS police. Police registered a case on their complaint. CCS DCP Swetha Reddy said that Kamalakar Sharma has been arrested. She said that the properties in the name of Dhanwanthari Foundation have been seized. The seized properties will be sold and given to the victims. All the victims were identified as belonging to the same community.