Arrest of suspect illegally transporting ganja

RSD_ Arrest of suspect illegally transporting ganja

RSD- Vemulawada news: SP said on this occasion that through reliable information that a person Purti Birsha from Odisha State purchased ganja from unknown persons from Nabarangapur, Odisha State and from there he brought ganja towards Chekkapally Road in Vemulawada town area to sell it to the addicts of Vemulawada and Sircilla at a high price on 01.07.2024 in the afternoon. According to the SP, Vemulawada police caught the said person after crossing the Peddamma temple on Chekkapally Road and seized 14,590 kilos of banned cannabis from him and arrested the person and sent him to remand. On this occasion, the SP warned that strong measures will be taken for the eradication of ganja in the district, everyone should participate in the eradication of ganja and strict action should be taken against those who bought, consumed, transported and sold ganja. He asked the police to dial 100 to inform them about cannabis in the district and to participate in making it a cannabis-free district.

The District Police is cracking down on illegal ganja in the district. He said that the youth are destroying the future loaded with drugs, and the district police is focusing on the illegal transportation of marijuana by conducting special drives to make the district free of marijuana. Till date in the year 2024, 99 people have been arrested in 41 cases in the district and 34 kg of marijuana has been seized. He said that the victims have been counselled in the presence of their parents and made aware of the dangers caused by cannabis and the damages that will happen once the cases are reported. A de-addiction center will be set up in the district for those who are addicted to cannabis and counselling will be conducted in the presence of doctors. CIs Veeraprasad, Srinivas, SI Anjaneyas and staff participated in this meeting.

Details of the ganja accused

Purti Birsha s/o Ugreson, Age: 35 years, r/o Jodeahua village, Bijatala Post, Rairangapur PS, Mayurbhani Dist, Odisha State.