Burning sun hundred years record break

RSD_ Burning Sun record break in 100 years

RSD- Bharat news: The sun is shining all over the country. People are dying due to severe hailstorm in some areas. Sun is rewriting records in many areas. After 1921 i.e., after 103 years the highest temperature in April was recorded above 45 degrees. 45 degree temperatures have never been recorded in the month of April 2024 in recent times. This year, the sun is showing its fury from the first week of April 2024. Day by day Sun is burning more and more. As a result, temperature of 45 degrees has become common. Moreover, the Indian Meteorological Department has issued warnings that the weather will get hotter in many parts of the country in the next five days. It has warned of high intensity hailstorm in East and South India. It is said that Sun’s glory will continue in the month of May 2024 as well. Crop damage due to high temperatures, spread of diseases, and depletion of ground water occurs. Global warming is the greatest reward we are going to pass on to our children’s generation. All of Asia is in turmoil.