Change-6 landed in China with mud samples from other side of moon

RSD_Change 6 returned to earth after collecting samples from other side of Moon

RSD-Beijing news: China has achieved another feat in lunar expeditions. For the first time in the history of the world, Lunar Mission collected samples from the far side and successfully brought them back to Earth. The lunar lander Chang’e 6 reached the earth on 25.06.2024 carrying soil and debris from the other side of the moon. Dragon revealed that it landed safely in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China. On 3rd May 2024, Change-6 was sent to space and reached moon after traveling for about 53 days. It touched down safely on the Moon’s surface on June 2nd 2024 in the Apollo Basin in the South Pole-Aitkin region west of Moon. This mission has four parts namely Orbiter, Lander, Ascender and Returner. It collects surface samples with the help of a robotic arm on moon. Soil was taken from the lower area using a drilling machine. After that it took them and came to earth.

Chinese scientists estimate that the samples brought back by Chang’e 6 may contain 2.5 million years old volcanic rocks. They are confident that studying these samples will answer many questions regarding the geographical differences between the two sides of the moon. Only a part of moon is visible from the ground. It is called the near side. The second side is called the far side. So far America, Soviet Union and China have also collected samples from the Near Side many times and brought them to Earth. This is the first time that soil and debris are being brought from the other side. Remote sensing observations have revealed that the two regions of the moon are completely different. The other side is slightly flat. The other area is filled with craters caused by impacting space rocks. The surface thickness of the moon is also revealed to be different in both parts.