CM Revanth Reddy exercised his right to vote in Kodangal

RSD_CM excised his right to vote

RSD-Mahbubnagar news: During the polling of MLC by-elections of Mahabubnagar local bodies, CM Revanth Reddy himself went to the village and exercised his right to vote. Officials have set up 10 polling centers across the joint district for a total of 1,439 voters. CM Revanth Reddy in Kodangal MPDO office and Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao in Kollupur exercised their right to vote. 89 percent polling was recorded till 2 pm. Polling was end at 4 pm on 28.03.2024. Manne Jeevan Reddy from the Congress Party and Naveen Kumar Reddy from the BRS Party along with Sudarshan Goud as an independent candidate were in the local body by polls.