Congress government works for the people : Government Whip

RSD_ Congress works for the people says Adi Srinivas

RSD- Vemulawada news: Government Whip, Vemulawada MLA Adi Srinivas said that the Congress government works only for the people. On 01.04.2024, the Government Whip participated in a tribute program in Vemulawada Rural Mandal Posettipalli, Nagayya Palli. They said that they especially thanked the people of Vemulawada constituency and the people of Telangana state who supported the formation of the people’s government by singing off the last ten years of dictatorial administration. He said that everyone is happy with the welfare schemes implemented by the Congress party government in the state of Telangana. Under the Griha Jyoti scheme, up to 200 units of free electricity and for Rs.500 gas cylinders are being given. He said that it is the greatness of the Congress government to provide gas cylinder for Rs.500 after 10 years at reasonable price which was given earlier before the advent of Telangana state. He said that subsides free bus travel for women mothers in the state for the benefit of the people, the Arogyasree limit has been increased to 10 lakh with the aim of providing better medical care to everyone.

He said that so far the farmers have been assured of less than 5 acres that the opposition parties will not interfere unnecessarily on the farmer’s assurance. The previous government had given Rythu Bandhu by April but the present government is giving the farmer’s assurance earlier. He said that the past rulers used the MLA position only as a symbol of their status and not for the development of our region and for public service. What did they do for our region in the last nine and a half years he questioned? He reminded that currently in the state of Telangana irrigation water is given the highest priority and as part of that, the construction of Sripada Ellampalli project from Vemulawada constituency has been included in the assembly book. Construction of Maripelli Reservoir will be taken up soon. He said that he will take Vemulawada constituency as well as Mandal on the path of development in all fields irrespective of parties and politics.