Deputy CM key orders on red sandalwood smuggling

RSD_ Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan key orders on Red Sandalwood smuggling

RSD- Andhra Pradesh news: Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan has made it clear that the task force will be strengthened to curb red sandalwood smuggling. The officials were advised to bring back the red sandalwood that had moved from the state to Nepal. Similarly, Pawan ordered to undertake a special drive for pollution control. The Deputy CM made it clear that there will be a special review on the pollution of Krishna and Godavari river waters. The minister clarified that 172 metric tons of red sandalwood was found in Nepal. He said that the task force will be strengthened to stop smuggling of red sandalwood.

The house keeping staff of the Legislative Assembly, expressed their problems. They said that the total number of housekeeping staff in all departments is up to 154 working in the Legislative Assembly and the capital region’s farmer laborers are working there. They said that they joined the job for Rs.6 thousand 8 years ago and now they are being paid Rs.10 thousand. They said that they are under the outsourcing agency. Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan responded positively after hearing the issue of housekeeping employees. He promised to take the matter to the attention of the Chief Minister and do justice accordingly.