Four arrested for possession of marijuana

RSD_ Four arrested for selling marijuana

RSD- Sircilla news:  On this occasion, SP said that a person named Kalavena Praveen was doing nursing course in Chalmeda Ananda Rao Hospital along with Saicharan and Saibubby and rented a room and Sai Charan and Praveen bought ganja from a person known to Akshay in Badrachalam and put that ganja in the room and the three of them sold ganja together in Vemulawada , Sircilla making profits. Last 4 days ago, Praveen and Sai Charan bought cannabis and chocolate made with cannabis from an acquaintance and since then they were smoking cannabis and took the remaining cannabis and chocolate made with cannabis and sold it in Sircilla on 28-06-2024. , Sai Ram arrived at the cemetery at Kothacheruvu on a bike and Sai Charan called his acquaintances and after some time Venkatesh, Akshay and Joseph reached there and asked for ganja and chocolate made with ganja and they were given ganja

Sai Charan and Sai Ram ran away with money and some ganja after grabbing them while selling chocolates and police caught Praveen, Venkatesh, Akshay and Joseph and recovered from them 4 kg 700 grams of ganja, 30 grams of ganja chocolate, 4 cell phones and 2 bikes. , 2 bags and the four were sent to court for remand. Absconders will be caught soon. The SP said that strict action will be taken against those who consumed and sold ganja in the district, that the youth should not get addicted to drugs like ganja and ruin their lives. DSP Chandrasekhar Reddy, CI Raghupathi, Head Constable Srinivas and Constable Srikanth are accompanying the SP.

Details of the accused.

1. Kalavena Praveen, Kumar, Father: Raj Kumar, 22y, r/o Peddabonkur Village, Peddapalli Mandal, Peddapalli district.

2.Peruka Venkatesh, Father: Ravi Age: 19y, r/o Ambedkar Nagar, Sircilla.

3.Narla Akshay, father :Malesh, age:18y,7 months, r/o Maduranagar, Manchiryala, present: Akvel, Hyderabad.

4..Alexander Joseph, Father: Anthony Joseph, Age: 43y, r/o Ram Nagar, Hyderabad.


1. Bandi Saicharan, Father: Ramulu, 21y r/o Amar Nagar, Peddapally Mandal & Distt.

2. Meesa Sai Ram @ SaiBubby, Father: Satyanarayana, 19y r/o Noostulapur, LMD Mandal, Karimnagar. Presently Mankammathota, Karimnagar.