Get rid of the drugs says SP Akhil Mahajan

RSD_ Rally for International day against drug abuse

RSD- Sircilla news: An awareness rally was held in the district center on the occasion of Anti-Drug Abuse and Trafficking Day. The rally continued from the government college grounds in the district center through Ambedkar Chowrasta, Netanna Chowrastha, Gandhi to College ground with people, youths/students to curb intoxicants in the process of progressing towards a drug-free society with the determination of the Telangana state government after awarding the International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking. As a special attraction, the placards designed to announce the special measures being taken to eliminate drugs and the selfie point set up in the college grounds with the name I’M ANTI DRUG SOLDIER became a special attraction and impressed everyone.

The SP called on everyone to take part in the ongoing struggle for the elimination of drugs and eradicate the drug epidemic and give a better future to the next generations. He said that the youth should not be addicted to drugs like ganja and destroy the golden future, they should stay away from bad habits and move towards the golden future. He was asked to play a key role in cooperation. He said that the youth are addicted to intoxicants like ganja and are destroying their precious future. They should stay away from such intoxicants and reach high achievements in life and bring a good family to their parents. He said that anti-drug clubs will be organized in the colleges and schools of the district with students to get rid of ganja and drugs in the districts. In celebration of the International Anti-Drug Abuse Day, awareness rallies are being conducted in all the police stations of the district to create awareness among the students and youth in large numbers, he said.

Later with the students who came to the rally, SP asked to pledge

“I will be an active partner in the ongoing fight against drug trafficking and abuse, I will be fully aware of the ill effects of drug use and work hard to ensure that no one falls under the influence of drugs, I will inform the police of people, who sell and buy drugs, and I will lead a drug-free lifestyle. I pledge to share in Telangana government’s determination towards the goal.”

He said that the details of those who have given information related to drugs like ganja to Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau number 8712671111 or dial 100 or the police in your jurisdiction wil be kept confidencial.Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Chandrasekhar Reddy, CIs Raghupathi, Madhukar, Praveen Kumar, RIs Yadagiri, Madhukar, Ramesh, District Women Child Welfare Officer Lakshmi Rajam, District Education Officer Ramesh Kumar, police personnel, various schools and colleges were present in this program.