Health is real wealth,Grand Master P Veerachari

RSD_ Health is wealth and one should be physically fit

RSD- Sircilla news: The closing ceremony of the Vedashree Memorial Summer Camp was grandly organized at the local Kusuma Ramaiah Boys’ High School, Sircilla. Legendary Grand Master P Veerachari, who was the chief guest of the program said that in modern society, people are under a lot of mental pressure, and only if they are physically fit, people will get mental strength and calmness, and they will work towards achieving their goals with concentration. He said that the use of social media is high in the society and physical activity has decreased and this is not good for the society. He said that a person’s health is the real wealth, healthy people are the backbone of this country. He said that in today’s society there is a lot of self-interest, on the contrary, it is a pleasure that Master Oraganti Ramakrishna has organized the Vedashri Memorial Summer Camp for free for 45 days. He has been associated with Cyril for the last 30 years and advises parents to send their students to masters who have original art. He expressed pain that fake masters are giving bad name to art. He said that one gets proper recognition in the society only if he is fully educated and expert. Master Ramakrishna was specially appreciated for providing free training to the students for 45 days. On this occasion, Director of Sircilla Kumfu Academy Oraganti Ramakrishna said that in memory of Vedashree, Kusuma Ramaiah Boys High School Sircilla students will be taught Martial Arts, Karate, Yoga, Karra Samu for free and said that this education is very useful for self-defense of girls and he will always provide support for a healthy society on his part. School Games Federation Secretary Dewta Prabhakar, UTF District President Pakala Shankar Goud, Telangana JAC Leaders Racharla Venkanna, TS TTF District President Hajunaik, TPTF District Vice Presidents Purushottam Sammaiah and Masters Sridhar Goud, Kanaka Prasad, Kanakaiah, Sammaiah, Praveen, Uma, Sircilla Nai Brahmana Seva Sangam President Sammeta Srinivas, Ramesh and parents of the students were present. On this occasion, certificates of appreciation were presented to the students who showed the highest talent. Parents were impressed by the performances of the students in this program.

RSD_ Healthy body will have healthy mind