Illegal money collection by claiming as journalists

RSD_Illegal money collection by claiming as journalist

RSD- Vemulawada news: A person named Machala Siddaiah s/o Lingaiah of village Nimmapally of Konraopeta mandal has 5 acres of land in various survey numbers in revenue suburb of Nimmapally, since last 50 years he is cultivating paddy in this land on the basis of water supply from canal, along with many farmers belonging to the same village. There is agricultural land, there is a cart path next to the canal to their farm from time immemorial, which is used by all the farmers on the other side. Karunakar, Dappula Naresh and Mallya Prasad said that they are working as reporters in various newspapers and that they have a lot of reputation and said that they can do anything in Nimmapally village if they want to. 15,000 rupees were forcefully taken from him, along with many people in Nimmapally and surrounding villages, the three men claimed to be reporters and extorted money, if they did not pay, they would spoil their work, if anyone opposed them, they would spread false propaganda against them in their newspapers. When he refused to give money when he was threatened to give money, they joined with his neighbour Yagu Darra Mallaiah and destroyed the entire road leading to their farm and made no access to their farm. The ASP said that it was confirmed that the allegations against the accused were true and that they had extorted Rs 15,000/- from the complainant, and the above three persons were arrested and taken to remand. The above three persons, Dappula Karunakar, Dappula Naresh, Mallya Prasad, said that they were working as reporters in various newspapers and said that anyone who is close to them is involved in extortion, they should file a complaint at the police station.