Police have no authority to beat people after arrest

RSD_ Police have no authority to beat people after arrest

RSD- Bharat news: Police have no authority to beat people after arrest. Section 29 of the Police Act 1861 punishes the police officer with imprisonment for 3 months or fine or both if done so. From the moment of arrest to the entry box in the court, your full responsibility and protection is of the police, that’s why memo up arrest (paper) should be submitted at the time of arrest. Crpc ask to write on paper as per P.C SECTION 41 B, C, D. Arresting person details , police officer arresting person purpose ,Name of the officer his rank constable, ASI etc. Date place under which station the arrest will be made, State of health of the person arrested at that time, What minor or serious injuries he has. All the items should be written on the paper and the signature of his relatives or well-wishers or a person with a good name in the society, the signature of the arresting police officer, and the signature of the arrested person should also be written on the paper. This is called Memo Up Arrest. Within 24 hours of arrest, admission must be made before the Magistrate or Court. Before any police calls people to come to the station, ask the officer this. To serve notices under Crpc section 169,170, 50, humbly request or send a message to the mobile number they called. At the time of arrest in various High Courts, the relevant police officers were beaten up. Writs were filed against them. Punishment was done by various courts. Our effort is to create awareness among people.