Police united the villagers

RSD_ police united the villagers

RSD- Mahabubabad news: A few days ago in Ponugondla village of Gangaram mandal, when there was a dispute over catching fish in the village pond, the villagers were divided into two factions. During the visit of District SP Sudhir Ramnath Kekan to Ponugondla village, some villagers brought it to the attention of the SP and immediately SP ordered Guduru CI Baburao and Gangaram SI Ravikumar to arrange a meeting with the villagers and solve the related problem. After hearing the arguments of both groups, the CI said to the villagers that the people of the agency are good-hearted, and the villages, which are seen as a nickname for unity, should not go to the trouble and increase the differences, but the police should work for the development of the village unitedly by cooperating with each other. All the villagers were united by saying that they will always help you. All the villagers were happy for the initiative shown by CI and thanked him.