Road Safety,Drive vehicles following traffic rules

RSD_ Road safety, drive vehicles following rules

RSD-Sircilla news:  For the last 20 days, special drives have been conducted against minor driving, without license, without number plate, talking on mobile phone, drunk and driving, open drinking, vehicles using siren against the rules.  Minor driving cases  414, against those driving without license cases  831, cell phone driving 163, 558 vehicles driving without number plates have been identified and number plates have been installed, 334 cases have been registered against people driving vehicles after drinking alcohol, and 326 cases have been registered against people who drink alcohol in public places. SP said on this occasion that it is not our main purpose to carry out vehicle inspections and register cases, and the inspections are carried out with the intention of ensuring that everyone reaches their destination safely. He said that everyone should participate in the prevention of road accidents by obeying them. He advised the parents and vehicle owners not to give vehicles to minors who do not know the road and traffic rules and not to encourage them. He said that every motorist should have a license and if he does not have a license, accident insurance will not be applicable in case of accidents. He said that every motorist should install a number plate for their vehicles so that the stolen vehicles can be identified.