Shiva lingam unearthed in road widening at Srisailam

RSD_ Shiva lingam unearthed during road widening at Srisailam

RSD-Nandyala district news: An ancient Shiva linga has been unearthed near the amphitheater in Srisailam Devasthanam. The Devasthanam has started the construction of a new CC road and support wall near the Amphitheater. In this order, while digging with the help of JCB, the Shiva Lingam was unearthed. While levelling the surroundings, the ancient Shiva Lingam came to light. An idol of Nandiswara was found on the same stone along with Shivalinga. Officials also found traces of an inscription written in an unknown script next to the Shivlingam. The staff informed the temple authorities after seeing the Shiva Lingam. The devasthanam authorities inspected the ancient Shiva lingam that was found and took photographs of the inscription next to the Shiva lingam and sent it to the Mysore Archeology Department. The script found at the ancient Shiva lingam which was exposed has been identified as the Telugu script of the 14th and 15th century.

Archaeologists who have examined the epitaph have analyzed the script written on it. Kampilayya of Nindra, a disciple of Siddhadeva of Brahmapuri, is said to have installed the Shivalinga. Between the Sarangadhara Mutt at Chakra Gundam to the Rudraksha Mutt the inscription recording a Shivalinga enshrined along with Nandiswara was written in the epitaph. To this extent, the information contained in the script was identified by Muniratnam, Director of Archeology Survey of India from Mysore. In the same area in the past, four-sided face Shiva linga also emerged. Also, many copper inscriptions and gold and silver coins were also found during the reconstruction of the Panchamatas in the area. Devotees believe that it is a great privilege that the ancient Shiva linga has come out in the same way.