Sircilla police caught cyber fraudsters in Cambodia

RSD_ Cyber fraudsters in Combodia caught by Sircilla police

RSD- Sircilla news: SP said on this occasion that, four days ago, a woman named Atikam Lakshmi of Peddur village, Sircilla town came to the district police office and said that my son Atikam Shiv Prasad gave Rs. 1,40,000/- to an agent named Kancharla Sai Prasad of Kodimyala village of Jagityala district and said that he will not go to Cambodia. Talking through WhatsApp, they said here in a Chinese company, Shiv Prasad is doing cyber crimes by taking the pass post. Like me, there are 500 to 600 victims related to India. It has been said that they are doing cyber frauds that they will get huge amount of money if they do these tasks. He immediately registered a case at the Sircilla town police station and talked to the officials of the Indian Embassy in Cambodia and shared the details of the victim. He said that with the help of the local police, Shiv Prasad was rescued and Shiva Prasad would reach India within two days.

A case was registered against Kancharla Sai Prasad of Jagityala district and he was detained and interrogated. He took a commission of 10,000 rupees and sent it to a person named Sadakat from Lucknow who is currently staying in Maldives. He said that if sent to a person named Shadab, Shadab will send him to Cambodia, Kancharla Sai Prasad from Jagityala district and Abid Ansari from Pune have been detained and the other two are being arrested soon. Cyber security will solve this case with their help. In Rajannasircilla district, the SP requested that the young people who go to the Gulf countries for employment should approach only licensed agencies. Those who have been cheated at the hands of agencies or agents in the district, if they complain directly to the phone number 8712656411 of the special branch inspector, the complaint will be properly investigated and if the crime is proved, strict action will be taken against the concerned persons. DSP Chandrasekhar Reddy, CI Raghupathi, Task Force CI Praveen Kumar participated in this meeting.

Details of charges:

A1. Kancharla Sai Prasad s/o Mahender, age: 27 years, , r/o Kodimyala, Jagityala District.

A2. Sadakat r/o Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

A3. Abid Ansari r/o Pune, Maharashtra

A4. Shadhab r/o Dubai.

Apple mobile seized from accused.