Sircilla weavers diverted towards trading

RSD_ Congress party meeting at Sircilla party office

RSD- Sircilla news: Karimnagar Congress Party MP candidate Velichala Rajender Rao expressed his grief that the Sircilla region is the darling of handloom workers, and the previous BRS and BJP rulers have neglected such handloom sector and pushed the sector into a quagmire. A spirited meeting of Sircilla power loom textile industry affiliated associations was held on 09.05.2024 under the chairmanship of Congress party Prakash at a private function hall in Sircilla district headquarters. Karimnagar Congress MP candidate Velichala Rajender Rao and Sircilla Constituency incharge KK Mahender Reddy attended the meeting as chief guests. Addressing the weavers on this occasion, Rajender Rao criticized the past rulers as the reason for the plight of the weavers. He criticized not only Sircilla handloom workers but also the entire state of Telangana for incurring debts of seven and a half lakh crores and putting people’s blood on the table. He said that the credit of waiving the farmer’s loan even in such a difficult time goes to the Congress party. He said that he, Ponnam Prabhakar, Adi Srinivas and KK Mahender Reddy have spoken to the CM about ten times, Handloom Department Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao, Congress Party state affairs in-charge Deepa Das Munshi and Rahul Chaudhary several times over the past 15 days.

As part of that, it was clarified that the first tranche of funds of Rs. 50 crores has been released. It is mentioned that there is a possibility to release yarn subsidy along with repo subsidy. They made it clear that they will sleep until the dues of the weavers are paid in full after the completion of the election code. He promised that the 12% subsidy that the Karnataka government is dealing with in the matter of power subsidy will be implemented here as well, and if the handloom sector is in trouble, it will be declared a power holiday to save this sector. Bandi Sanjay, who acts as if he knows everything, was questioned why he did not care about the solar panel that comes in subsidy from the central government. They objected whether Sanjay, who had no education, actually knew about the matter or not. As soon as he won as MP, he promised to install 100% free subsidized solar panel on every shed of handloom workers and save them from power problem. He also stated that he will work for the establishment of Sircilla mega cluster. And Narendra Modi, who came to Vemulawada election campaign on 09.05.2024, was questioned why he is being careless towards Sircilla, MP Bandi Sanjay here is causing the cries of hunger among the leaders. He criticized that Bandi Sanjay remembers the handloom workers only during the election campaign, and it is a shame to ask them to vote.

He said BJP leaders should be ashamed of holding turmeric and rice and asking people for votes. If you chant that God is God, BJP leaders have given a good name to Vemulawada as South Kashi, but they have not allocated even a single rupee of funds, but it is Narendra Modi who has allocated 1000 crores to the Varanasi temple in North Kashi. He promised that if the Congress party comes to power, it will achieve Ramarajyam and ensure that no one has even a small problem. Speaking about his own manifesto, in Sircilla said that he had directed the weavers towards trading. He said that by selling the cloths they have woven themselves directly, they will be financially strengthened and happiness will remain in the lives of handloom workers. He asked them to vote on the hand sign of congress in the parliamentary elections to be held on 13th of May 2024 and win him as MP.