Special Plan for Development of Vemulawada

RSD_ Special plan for Vemulawada development

RSD- Vemulawada news: Govt. Whip, Vemulawada MLA Adi Srinivas said that they will proceed according to the special plan for the development of the Vemulawada town and Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Temple. Vemulawada Collector Sandeep Kumar Jha, along with the temple EO and officials held a review meeting on 23.06.2024. First, the Whip and Collector went to Swami’s temple, where the priests greeted them with poorna kumbham. Afterwards, both of them performed special pooja to the Lord. On this occasion, the temple priests blessed the Government Whip and Collector. Then the whip spoke to the temple authorities wand directed to start and complete the works reviewed earlier. Whip suggested to start arrangements for break darshan for the devotees and complete the work for this. The Whip ordered to go ahead according to a special plan for the conservation of cows, which are very important to the Rajanna of Vemulawada, Kode Mukku. Sheds were ordered to be constructed using modern methods to protect hundreds of cows. Also, it is suggested that the entire cow shed should be covered with flooring, and the cows should be given fodder and green grass.

The Whip and the Collector inspected the ongoing constructions in the Bund Park under the Tourism Department in the temple pond area. On this occasion, the maps of the park and other construction works were inspected at the field level. Advised to use modern technology. The works were ordered to be completed as soon as possible. Officials said that the work of Nataraja statue has been completed. At Rajarajeswara Swamy temple area the construction of new accommodation for the convenience in view of the increasing number of devotees was ordered. Construction of 100 rooms near the temple pond and construction of rooms near the Baddi Pochamma temple were suggested to the officials and site inspection was done. It is advised to speed up the construction work of Pochamma temple. Whip said that 60 stalls will be constructed. He said that these works should be undertaken to make it convenient for the vegetable sellers.

It has been suggested to take up road widening works in the first phase from the bridge to temple front along with the Vemulawada Moolavagu Bridge to alleviate traffic problems for the people of Vemulawada as well as the devotees of Rajanna. Along with the widening of the road, the officials were directed to construct a bridge over the source stream. The Whip advised to take steps to prevent sewage water from entering the Vemulawada temple pond and Moolavagu. The whip, collector and officials examined the sewage water that was meeting in the source of the river at the park in Chekkapally cross road and the second bypass road. He ordered to look for alternative ways to prevent sewage water from entering the temple pond through canal, to construct an STP plant and to treat the water and release it. Vemulawada RDO Rajeshwar, EO Ramakrishna, Temple EE Rajesh, Municipal Commissioner Anvesh, Tehsildar Mahesh Kumar and others participated in this meeting.