We are all Modi family says Bandi Sanjay

RSD_ Modi visit to Vemulawada as a part of election campaign

RSD- Vemulawada news: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Vemulawada as part of the election campaign. Modi participated in a public meeting held in Vemulawada in support of BJP candidate Bandi Sanjay. On this occasion, BJP candidate Bandi Sanjay said that Modi has come to South Kashi from Kashi. He said that no Prime Minister has come to Vemulawada so far. He expressed his anger saying that the Congress will criticize Modi. Modi made it clear that the goal is to have one country one policy. A fertilizer factory has been opened in Ramagundam. He commented that Narendra Modi is made in India. Sonia and Rahul should tell which country they belong to. He said that Modi is strictly local. He said that the Congress is making baseless allegations. Donkey’s egg is Basmasura’s weapon for Congress party. Congress party’s promises are a donkey’s egg, he threw a satire. “You are a batch of thieves with six guarantees,” said Bandi Sanjay.