Woman missing for 8 years was traced by police

RSD_ Woman missing for 8 years traced by police

RSD- Illanthakunta news: Illanthakunta police have traced the woman who went missing eight years ago and brought her to her family members. Illanthakunta S.I. Raju said in a statement that the unidentified woman from Khammam district was identified on 29.04.2024 and the family members were informed and she was handed over to them. On this occasion, SI Raju said that on 28-4-2024, an unknown woman came to Galipalli village during the night. Illanthakunta Police Station received a dial 100 call and immediately sent the staff of Illanthakunta SI Blue Colt to Galipalli village. When she was interrogated, she said that her name was Domala Ramulamma and her husband name is Pullaiah, and immediately she was sent to Sakhi Center in Sircilla. On 29.04.2024, after knowing the full details of the woman, who is a resident of Kishtapur village, Mudigonda mandal, Khammam district, Illanthakunta SSI Khammam district, Mudigonda police and Kishtapur village elders immediately informed the matter to the elders of Kishtapur village. Illanthakunta S.I. Raju said that she was mentally unstable and that they had been searching for her mother for the last 8 years. Sakhi Center was expressed special thanks to the Illantakunta Police who traced her missing mother 8 years ago and handed her over to them.