13 crore worth gold seized at Mumbai International airport

RSD_ Smuggled gold caught at mumbai international airport

RSD-Mumbai news: 22.14 kg gold worth Rs. 13.56 crore was seized at the Mumbai International Airport. During the inspections carried out in the last three days, the customs officials have seized gold being smuggled from many passengers. According to the details of the customs officials, extensive checks were carried out at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport for three days from 10.05.2024 to 12.05.2024. As part of this, 11 passengers were caught smuggling gold. Customs officials said that 20 cases of smuggling have been registered. Officials said the passengers tried to smuggle the gold bars by hiding them in their underwear, clothes, cardboard sheet, belt etc., They claimed that another person was simultaneously transporting gold in the form of wax by hiding it in the anus.