Strong security at strong rooms across Telangana

RSD_ Three tier security at strong rooms across Telangana

RSD-Hyderabad news: A strong police presence has been established at strong rooms across Telangana. Central forces were deployed at the EVM and VV Pats strong room. Three-tier security has been arranged at the respective strong rooms. Counting centers and strong rooms are monitored round-the-clock with CCTV cameras. Also section 144 is in force at strong rooms. Meanwhile Loksabha polling process (Loksabha Polls 2024) across the state is over. Polling started at 7 am on 13.05.2024 and continued till 6 pm. In some places the polling ended at the right time, but at other polling booths the polling continued till 11 pm. Voters standing in the queue within 6 hours were given the opportunity to vote even after the allotted time. Due to this, the polling process was held till 11 pm in many areas. A total of 64.74 percent polling has been recorded across the state.