BJP wins with bumper majority says Bandi Sanjay

RSD_ BJP wins with majority says Bandi Sanjay

RSD-Husnabad news: BJP National General Secretary and Karimnagar MP candidate Bandi Sanjay said that CM Revanth Reddy is afraid that BJP will win majority seats in the state. It is said that the tension that the Congress was bound to lose was visible on his face and that is why he broke the code and spoke. Bandi Sanjay spoke to reporters from Boys’ High School and College in Husnabad, Siddipet District.EC demanded action against CM Revanth Reddy for violating the election code. If the Chief Minister ignores the rules and makes comments against the BJP and in favor of the Congress, will the election code not apply to him? Election Commission had failed to take action despite the BRS and Congress parties tempted the voters by distributing liquor and money. Sanjay concluded that the majority of the seats for the BJP in Telangana and a bumper majority in Karimnagar are certain.

BJP’s Medak MP candidate Raghunandan Rao has demanded that a case be registered against CM Revanth Reddy, who went to vote in Kodangal and violated the election rules and deliberately spoke to insult Prime Minister Modi. He spoke to the media after visiting the polling centers in Sangareddy on 13.05.2024. He said that his party had lodged a complaint against Revanth Reddy with the EC directly and through mail. He said that BJP is going to win in Telangana by double digit and Revanth Reddy has accepted defeat. Raghunandan said that Rythubandhu was formed on the suspicion that Congress seats in the state would be in trouble, and it is a crime under the law to comment that the loan will be waived off.