Changing political profile of Sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news: There is a saying that in politics there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies. Looking at the developments in Sircilla Constituency, it seems to be more or less like this. If we see the leaders who were unopposed in the BRS Party till now, get off the car and join the Congress during the difficult period when the BRS Party came into the opposition, it seems that BRS Sircilla’s constituency is losing ground. BRS Working President KTR‘sown constituency is facing the anti-complaints coming from the BRS Party, and many BRS party councilors who have played a key role in the victory of BRS Working President KTR are in doubt as to why many leaders are getting down now. A debate is going on in the constituency whether the Congress party has strategically opened the gates for the victory of the upcoming parliamentary elections at the field level. It is a question that is causing great excitement that even the councilors who have won independently are leaving the party.

The increasing number of recent additions to the Congress party makes it clear that the BRS party is losing its former glory in the constituency. Recently Sircilla Municipal Councilors BRS Working President KTR along with Vemula Ravi are the most reliable. Shailaja and Srikanth Goud joined the Congress party under the leadership of Sircilla constituency in-charge KK Mahender Reddy. It is being spread that some other councilors are also preparing to jump from BRS.