Huge drug bust in Hyderabad

RSD-Hyderabad news: The police seized a large quantity of drugs in the suburbs of Hyderabad on 22.03.2024. Drugs worth about 9 crores were seized by drug control officials. With the help of Interpol, Kasturi Reddy, who was involved in a drug racket and was manufacturing drugs, was arrested.Interpol has informed that IDA is manufacturing drugs in a factory in Bollaram. Drug control officers entered the field and conducted searches in the Medicare Private Limited company. Prohibited drugs were found to be making. 90 kg of mepidrine drug was seized. It has been found that the drug racket has been operating for the last ten years. It is reported that the manufactured drug is put in cigarette packets and transported abroad. The drug control officials are expressing suspicion that drugs have been supplied in Hyderabad as well.