Gram Panchayats have no funds in Congress government reign

RSD- Telangana news: The development works of Gram Panchayat fell. The panchayats have reached the point of not being able to pay salaries to sanitation workers for a few months. Small workers are suffering due to lack of wages. On the one hand there is no ruling class, on the other hand there is no funds and the panchayats are reeling in crisis. Earlier, the government used to release funds to panchayats at the rate of Rs.230 crore per month. The KCR government brought the new Panchayat Raj Act and appointed a Panchayat Secretary for each village to make Gram Panchayats a model for the country. Tractor for the village, planting along the roads, garbage collection and construction of dumping shed. Many panchayats have achieved national level award for releasing funds on par with central funds. The special officers and secretaries are expressing concern that the general funds are not enough for them as the higher officials are pressing to pay the electricity bills. They are expressing concern that they are not able to pay wages to sanitation workers. Panchayats have been facing shortage of drinking water for the last 2-3 months as the Congress government said that the responsibility of drinking water management lies with the panchayats. The secretaries revealed that they have to bear their maintenance expenses from their own pockets. He said that the State Finance Commission is not releasing the funds. They feel that if there are problems in the villages and they are not resolved, memos are issued to them, but they do not care about the funds. It was revealed that there is no money to fill the tractor of the panchayat with diesel and it is becoming difficult to remove the garbage in the villages. They claim that their situation is unbearable.