Accused in woman’s murder case arrested

RSD- Sircilla news: District SP Akhil Mahajan said on this occasion that two laborers from Bihar state came together 6 months ago for labor work to Rajannasircilla in Telangana state and rented a room in Ramaswami’s house in Ashok Nagar, Sircilla. After getting acquainted with Rama and talking to him from time to time, he was waiting for the last few days to get her in any way. He was waiting for four other people from Bihar next to his room to bring her home because it was not possible to bring her home as he was looking for an opportunity. On 19-03-2024 at 6 o’clock in the evening after work, Rudal Sada went out and brought one Kingfisher strong beer, two quart bottles of IB and the three together drank beer and IB drug till night and after the drug was enough intoxicated, both of them wanted to rape Rama one after the other and after A1 followed her, A2 drugged her, A2 want to kill Rama on the suspicion that she would tell anyone, and immediately hit Rama on the head with a cylinder in the room. Suspecting whether Rama was dead or not, A1 took a lungi and put it on her face and pressed it so hard that Rama died of suffocation. Later, A1 and A2 together packed their belongings and fled to Bihar without raising any suspicion. A case was registered in Sircilla Town Police Station on this murder and a special team was formed under the supervision of DSP Sircilla Town CI Raghupathi, Task Force CI Praveen Kumar, Ellareddypet SI Ramakanth and Task Force personnel and as part of the investigation A2 among the accused was taken to Bihar. The cylinder which was used to kill Rama from him, the blood stained pant worn by A2 and the phone of the deceased were seized and sent to remand. The district SP said that the absconding A1 will also be nabbed soon.

Appeal to the people

If suspicious people are found in villages and towns, the police should inform them, while renting rooms to unknown persons in villages and towns, SP said that we  should take any identity cards, their phone numbers and their family members’ phone numbers from those who do not know their full details and give them to the concerned police station.  Rewards were given to the officers and staff who acted astutely in apprehending the suspects related to the murder. DSP Chandrasekhar Reddy, CI Raghupathi, Task Force CI Praveen Kumar and SI Ramakant staff participated in this meeting.