CC cameras play a vital role in crime control and solving cases: District SP Akhil Mahajan

16 CC cameras were launched by District SP along with Mustabad MP, police officers and public representatives. District SP Akhil Mahajan, IPS, inaugurated the newly installed 16 CC cameras at the main intersections and main roads under the jurisdiction of Mustabad police station. He visited the Mustabad Police Station and inquired about the records maintained in the station, the implementation of 5S, functional verticals, the work of the police personnel, the services provided to the public, the crimes registered within the police station.

SP said in this regard that people and public representatives of all the villages under the police station came forward and suggested that CC cameras should be installed in the village. By installing CC cameras, crimes can be controlled in rural areas and thefts can be prevented. He said that the police department has paid special attention to control. Talking to the police personnel the aim of the police is to provide better services to the people. He said that the complainants who come to the police station should be spoken to politely, and their complaints should be responded immediately and they should get justice.

Village Police Officers are advised to go to the villages assigned to them and interact with the people and find out their problems and give information to the higher authorities. Similarly, the surroundings of the police station should be kept clean. He said that better services should be provided to the people by giving speedy response to 100 dial complaints and crime should be controlled by armed patrols and bits within the police station area. Mustabad MP Sarath Rao, CI Upender, SI Venkateshwarlu, ZPTC Gundam Narasiah, Sarpanch Gandla Sumathi and public representatives participated in this program.