Don’t invest by looking at ads on social media – District SP

Cyber criminals commit cyber crimes based on two factors hope and fear. Cyber criminals commit cyber crimes by taking personal information from a person that they will get more money in a short period of time, and the fear is to block any person’s bank account, PAN card or other accounts. They are doing cyber crime by taking personal information from them fearing that it will happen. In today’s society due to the increase in the use of internet, every person uses phones for some need and in addition, cyber criminals steal our personal information and easily steal money from our banks, wallets, etc. Therefore, we should never share our personal information on social media because cyber criminals wait for such opportunities while using phones. Be careful. Calling 1930 as soon as any cyber crime occurs can help you get back your lost money or file a complaint on the NCRP portal ( and the concerned police station will respond immediately.

Details of some cyber cases that took place in Rajannasircilla district this week

●A victim in Tangallapally police station area received a call from a person asking him to read the rewards points of Axis Bank credit card, the victim believed it and shared the OTP with him thereby causing a loss of ₹8234.

● In Sircilla Town Police Station area, his friend’s OTP share was taken from the victim and through his OTP an account was created on Share Shot app and chat with an unknown person. Later, the person called the victim and asked him to pay Rs 18,000/- to Google Pay, saying that he would file a harassment case.

●The victim was cheated by transferring ₹17000 from a suspect mobile number to the victim under Sircilla Town Police Station, claiming that he would get a loan from Dhani Loan App, under documents and processing charges.

●Victim in Vemulawada Town Police Station came to know that Mobile Hub was selling mobiles at a very low price and he paid Rs. 2500.

Therefore, the SP said that whoever calls and says the above should be identified as cyber criminals and do not give any information to them.

Precautions to be taken:-

• Order only on reliable Apps/Websites. You will not fall victim to cyber frauds by seeing ads on social media and calling the numbers in those ads.

• Do not believe the messages that you get to update your SBI YONO PAN CARD, do not click on the links.

• Don’t invest by looking at ads on social media, stop and think, it could be a cyber fraud.

• If you get OTP without your involvement do not tell anyone. It could be a move by cyber criminals.